Haissem, Kuhaghan Tyyn, Куһаҕан тыын, рецензия, reviewBand: Haissem
Country: Ukraine
Genre: Melodic Black Metal


1. Black Tide Dominion (10:30)
2. Arcanum (09:42)
3. Aokigahara (09:42)
4. Кuhаҕан Тыын (13:46)

Total time: 43:30

Release date: March 22nd, 2020
Label Satanath Records

«Kuhaghan Tyyn/Куһаҕан тыын» is a fourth full-lenth album of Ukrainian one-man project from Donetsk. And the 7th release of the project as a whole. Andrey V. Tollock, also known to us in his other project Sunset Forsaken, continues the creative marathon. On the new work Haissem mixing the interesting topics. In addition to Yakut folklore or a strange phenomenon - the Japanese forest of suicides (Aokigahara), Buddhist references are traced and classical theological questions are raised.

Do you believe God’s rage is the scariest thing to sense?

The title of the album, which is difficult to understand at first, translated from Yakut means “Evil Spirit”. We also, as connoisseurs of literary art, can recall the eponymous work of the Yakut playwright Neustroyev Nikolay Denisovich. Immersion in the atmosphere of mysticism and esoteric mood envelops from the first song. The listener, like the Spirit tormented by endless questions and not understanding its true nature, wanders in the labyrinths of the illusory world. And who knows maybe with the eradication of all obscurations he will be able to know things as they are...

Returning to the musical material it can be noted that four songs of different moods are quite enough, so that after listening, if you do not reach the desired peace, then come to musical catharsis.

The album certainly appeals to the moderate use of ethnic instruments / samples and clean vocals. And stylistic experiments and multi-genre arrangements are already becoming a good tradition for both projects. On «Kuhaghan Tyyn/Куһаҕан тыын» in addition to melodic black, post-black with atmospheric symphonic lining are mixed in. Well-quality sound and the main ominous extreme vox taken to the background improve perception from the listening.

Even after the first listening to the promo track Aokigahara I noted for myself a soulful solo part that permeates the ominously disturbing sound of the composition about the Japanese forest of suicides. And this track will please both in melodic terms and in general perception, good work.

The final composition of the album gives the listener female vocals and fragmentary prog-art-rock keyboards. At the same time throughout the song dynamics and assertiveness varies from aggressive to relaxed. From a compositional point of view in terms of diversity and holistic perception in my opinion Кuhаҕан Тыын, turned out to be a major hit on the album. But listening to the album for the second and third time I understand that traditionally highlighting the best track is problematic. And I recommend to listening to everything. And of course to support the artist and the label with the purchase of the release. The links are below.

Haissem: BandcampFacebookVKontakte

reviewer: chief editor Olga Kann

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