The traditional top of the most memorable releases for the first half of 2020. Mostly metal-oriented. Traditionally the top of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus will appear at the end of the year.

Ulcerate — Stare into Death and Be Still
On Thorns I Lay — Threnos
Trivium — What the Dead Men Say
Carach Angren — Franckensteina Strataemontanus
End — Splinters From An Ever​-​Changing Face
Loathe — I Let It in and It Took Everything
Heaven Shall Burn — Of Truth and Sacrifice
Skam – Sounds of a Disease
Code Orange — Underneath
Disbelief — The Ground Collapses

Benighted — Obscene Repressed
Paradise Lost — Obsidian
King Dude — Full Virgo Moon
Xibalba – Años en Infierno
Sinister — Deformation of the Holy Realm
My Dying Bride — The Ghost of Orion
Mushroomhead — A Wonderful Life
Wolfheart — Wolves Of Karelia
Dawn Of Solace — Waves
Monumentum Damnati — In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King

Dark Fortress — Spectres From The Old World
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore — Patchouli Blue
Igorrr — Spirituality And Distortion
Lamb of God — Lamb of God
Vader — Solitude in Madness
Havok — V
Sylosis — Cycle Of Suffering
156/Silence — Irrational Pull
Clouds — Durere
Aversions Crown — Hell Will Come for Us All

Forgotten Tomb — Nihilistic Estrangement
…and Oceans — Cosmic World Mother
The Black Dahlia Murder — Verminous
Testament — Titans Of Creation
Naglfar — Cerecloth
God Dethroned — Illuminati
Exgenesis — Solve Et Coagula
Dead End Finland
Inter Vivos
Sickening Horror — Chaos Revamped
Soliloquium — Things We Leave Behind

Tethra — Empire Of The Void
Abysmal Dawn — Phylogenesis
Katatonia — City Burials
Azure Emote — The Third Perspective
Silvered — Six Hours

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