The post-doom band from Minsk Adliga, as promised, released a new video for the song from the eponymous EP «Kali Paćіače Nіeba».

It differs from our previous works, and in general from modern metal videos. But we are very glad that it is just like that, and we believe that for this song director Andrei Peresmeshnik made the best video that he could have.

The song “Kali Paćіače Nіeba” will tell you its story, and the video will tell its own. What are these stories about? How do they call each other? We could not formulate an official answer to these questions even if we wanted to, because each of us would have his own answer ... and each of you will have his own. And this is the most interesting.

Adliga — «Kali Paćіače Nіeba»:

I also recommend evaluating the video of last year for the song “Vandroūnik”:

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Adliga, Kali Paćіače Nіeba


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