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Homo Faber is an independent non-profit webzin blog whose main focus is on the Creator Man and his creations: gloomy art from various angles. HF makes an attempt to penetrate into the hidden corners of history, mythology, religion and not only. Originally conceived as the author’s project blog of the chief editor, at this stage of development he came to this format / look.

Certain areas of the portal's activity are coverage of concert, musical activity. As well as the search for interesting talented people.Art can be seen regardless of whether it brings light or darkness...

The blog activity doesn't propagandizing doesn't or impose certain political, religious, national, gender or other views. Any attempt to incite hatredas well as a clear demonstration of the negative in the comments on the site and in social networks is punishable by ban.

Copying of material is allowed only if there is an active link to the source and after coordination with the editor.

If there is a copyright (watermark) in the photo or video, it is not allowed to crop / blur / cover it. Thank you for understanding.

Regarding cooperation, write to e-mail: homofaber.net@gmail.com
Master chief editor: Olga

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 Homo faber suae quisque fortunae — "Each person is the creator of his own destiny"