Zorya is a Slovenian atmospheric post-black metal duo. The band so far has one studio product, an EP “Rusalka”, the title of which also references Slavic mythology. The music is an interesting mix of background ambient wash, screaming black metal vocals, puddling percussion and melodic post-rock, which is sometimes dark. Music might be considered as much noise as it is post-black metal / post-rock. In some songs the attitude seems experimental, especially in the way the mood in individual tracks develops and is sustained by pauses or sparse instrumentation with little distortion. Songs certainly come across as fragmented, with the metal or rock parts suddenly dropping into ambient or orchestral wash and back.

A few words from the author of the project exclusively for HomoFaber:

Music is something which I cannot live without, so this is the main motivation behind the creation of Zorya.

My music journey began a couple of years ago, when I played bass in several local bands. 1 year ago, I finally decided to venture out on my own. I wanted to record just one song by myself and started to play with the idea of uploading this song to Youtube and that’s how the project was born within a matter of just days. On 10 May 2020, I released my first EP, Rusalka.

I draw inspiration from nature, Slavic and Slovenian mythology and also personal experience and feelings.

My plans for the near future of Zorya are that it won’t be a one man band anymore. Zorya will soon officially announce a new member, a female vocalist and songwriter, so we will be a post-black metal duo. In 2021, the plan is also to release our first album, which has already been recorded and is in the process of mixing right now. We plan on uploading it to all major streaming platforms.

Some of the more notable and interesting projects from Slovenia, which we would recommend, are Veldes and Noctiferia.

Zorya post-black metal
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