Special for HF Stefan Nordström talks about his favorite albums. He is known as a Swedish metal musician, guitarist and composer in Desolator, Soliloquium, Ending Quest.

Stefan Nordström, Desolator, Soliloquium, Ending Quest, sweden

Anathema — «Judgement» (1999)

anathema judgement, Stefan Nordström

One of the most emotional albums I’ve heard that always leaves me touched, both for good and bad. You can tell that the band members really put their souls into this one. I could’ve choosen like five different Anathema discs for this list, but “Judgement” is still their peak to me.

Death — Symbolic (1995)

Death symbolic, Stefan Nordström

This might be the single most important album for me when developing my guitar, vocal and songwriting skills. I still love every song on it, and it hits me pretty hard so many years later.

Katatonia — Night is the New Day (2009)

Katatonia - Night is the new day, Stefan Nordström

Since Katatonia is my favorite band, I could have chosen five of their albums, but “Night is the New Day” is my #1 since a few years back. It just takes everything I love about the band to the max in total Stockholm darkness.

Nevermore — Dreaming Neon Black (1999)

Nevermore - Dreaming Neon Black, Stefan Nordström

Nevermore was a wild band, but perhaps never as wild as on this record. This has everything from raw aggression and fantastic musicianship to pristine emotion and psychedelic parts. Absolute masterpiece!

Slumber — Fallout (2004)

Slumber - Fallout, Stefan Nordström

This early-2000’s masterpiece is my ultimate death/doom album. Amazing melodies and so much emotion to it. I’ve listened to it hundreds of times and it’s still equally amazing every spin.

Stefan Nordström, Desolator, Soliloquium

Stefan Nordström

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