Today special for HF Finnish musician Harri Koskela talks about his favorite films that have influenced life and creativity. He is known as composer, keyboardist and vocalist of Symphonic Power Metal-band Lost in Grey. Also he is working with Thaurorod and Embassy of Silence.

Harri Koskela, Lost in Grey, Finland, top-5

Inception (2010)

This movie hooked me from the very beginning, with the fantastic story accompanied by one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard. Such a thought provoking watch and something I think I’d like to do if I was a filmmaker. What comes to casting, I know that DiCaprio is an actor who many love and others hate, but I’ve always considered him to be a brilliant actor.

Interstellar (2014)

I’ve always been very interested in space travel and space in general. This movie gave me the shivers from the very first minutes when watching it. Highly inspirational and I love the score and soundscapes they created to this piece of art. A fun fact is also that this movie inspired me to compose the track “Far Beyond and Further” for our “The Waste Land” album. A lyric video of the track can be found from YouTube, so you might want to check it out..

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

I guess this was the very first movie that got me interested in movie scores. I remember watching this when I was a kid, and I can remember I was completely blown away with the music. Also nowadays I still listen to Ennio Morricone’s music and still find it very inspirational. I can’t say much about the movie itself, because I haven’t watched it in a long time, but it still has left a certain mark in me musically. Nevertheless, the movie and the music were my favourites for a long time.

The Rock (1996)

Well, this is a classic! The storyline of course is somewhat typical for action films, but the musical score is still one of my favourites and is so epic that it’s beyond words. I guess this movie is to blame for some of my “compositional perversions”, so to say, haha. This was also the first movie that got me to dive deeper into Hans Zimmer’s musical creations.

The Handmaid’s Tale (TV series) (2017)

Well, even though this isn’t a movie, it’s a really interesting tv series based on a novel written by Margaret Atwood. Within the past weeks I watched the first three seasons of the series, and I must say that this is a fantastic dystopian drama. Really thought provoking and agonizing at times. I’ve always been fond of all kinds of dystopian stories and this must be the best I’ve run into in a long time. For me, a good dystopia is something that you could imagine that could happen (or is happening) in our lifetime, and that surely is scarier than any horror movie.


Harri Koskela, Lost in Grey

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