Special for HF Christofer Johnsson talks about his favorite albums. He is known as a Swedish rock musician, guitarist and composer, founder and leader of Therion.

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Christofer Johnsson Therion

Accept — ”Balls to the Wall” (1983)

accept balls to the wall, Christofer Johnsson Therion metalThe title track is what brought me into metal. A combination of being a super nostalgic childhood memory and simply one of the best heavy metal albums ever recorded. Accept has always been an influence for Therions guitar riffs as well. The guitar sound is still my ideal of how it should sound.

Voivod — ”Killing Technology” (1987)

Voivod ”Killing Technology”, Christofer Johnsson Therion metalI traded this album for another record with a friend and first I regret it. It was too weird for me. Then I got a terrible flu with high fever and was lying more or less passed out on the bed while letting the B-side spin all day and discovered the hidden beauty in it. It’s like the energy of Slayers ”Reign in Blood” combined with Syd Barrets psychedelic adventures in early Pink Floyd. With Fast Eddie Clarke playing the solos.

Klaatu — ”Hope” (1977)

Klaatu - ”Hope”, Christofer Johnsson Therion metal

This is the album that taught me how orchestra should be integrated into rock music. An amazing 70’s symphonic rock album. Unfortunately they only made one album in this direction.

Celtic Frost — ”Into the Pandemonium” (1987)

Celtic Frost ”Into the Pandemonium”, Christofer Johnsson Therion metal

This is the album that took me by storm in 1987 and made me understand that all the cool symphonic things I loved in 70’s (and even early 80’s) music could also be integrated into death metal. The same moment I heard ”Dies Irae”, there was a light bulb lit over my head, like in a comic magazine. An eye opener and nothing would ever be the same after it.

Uriah Heep — ”Sweet Freedom” (1973)

Uriah Heep - ”Sweet Freedom”, Christofer Johnsson Therion metal

In a way I hate doing this kind of things, like giving my top 5 albums. There’s so much music that has meant so much to me and that still do. And I tend to take these type of things maybe a bit too seriously maybe. So to pick a final one for the list is very hard. So I’ll just pick one of my faves that I’ve been listening to much recently.

Uriah Heep was a band that made individual songs that was on the same level as Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. But they were often uneven in quality and had a lot of boring fillers on most albums. They put out albums too often instead of waiting until they had enough good material. So back in the 70’s when their hit singles where in the charts, they were one of ”The Big Four” along with Purple, Sabbath and Zeppelin. But with time there wouldn’t be as many younger people rediscovering them and they would fall behind and almost get forgotten.

”Sweet Freedom” only have one filler (”Circus”), so it tends to be my fave album of them even though many of the best songs are on other albums. It was Uriah Heep that made me love Hammond organ.

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