Present you the fourth full-length album by Turkey’s first Dungeon Synth project Tir (now residing in Australia). Record was named “Persepolisand out on March 2021.

Released under Brilliant Emperor Records label from the Australia, “Persepolis was completed only in three months. The record was mixed and mastered by Oytun BEKTAS (in the Orko Entertainment /Sydney).

“Mankind was once on another journey, one found rooted in the ancestors of the ancient past.
Presenting us with war and nature on the one hand, and falsehood, fears and ambitions on the other, the empire of Persepolis greets us with its lurid face. While ashes rained from the sky, legions of swords unsheathed revealed the unchanged quest for human power often overshadowed by revenge, power and glory. And yet, as the great earth is reflected in the air; and the sky in the stars too, these stories of life and death are a symphony that transcends centuries, and it was an honor for me to describe this chaos.”

Stepping into the professional music scene with his solo-project Tir, Oytun Bektaş, a devoted listener and performer for more than 20 years, also presents Dark Folk and Mediaeval tunes alongside “dungeon synth” elements. The record includes a total of 15 tracks that make up 58 minutes. The main idea of ​​the Persepolis records come from Oytun‘s visit to Iran 3 years ago.  After this visit, Oytun, who worked with the Italian DIY label(2019) Heimat Der Katastrophe, recorded the main melodies in this album. And this year he diversified these melodies even more and switched to a more symphonic fashion by sharing this compilation album with the listener.

Released by Brilliant Emperor Records in limited digipack CD and cassette formats, “Persepolis is also will available at a series of digital platforms including Spotify and Apple Music at April.


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