The Vigil is a mystical horror with thriller elements from the flagship of the genre – studio Blumhouse Productions (Sinister, Halloween, Insidious). The movie is set in a closed Jewish community in Brooklyn, whose secrets are carefully hidden from prying eyes…

Hit of the night program of the Toronto Film Festival and the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival.

A young guy named Yakov, who recently left the Hasidic community, agrees to become a Shomer – a man who, according to an old Jewish tradition, stays overnight with the body of the recently deceased. That night, Yakov discovers that a dark and terrible secret is hidden in the house of the deceased, capable of bringing something sinister, dangerous and really frightening into our world…

“The Vigil”: Russian trailer

Director and Screenplay: Keith Thomas, author of The Black Orchid. The film stars Dave Davis (Logan, True Detective), Menashe Lustig and Lynn Cohen (Munich, Manhattan Murder Mystery, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel). The horror film also featured representatives of the Orthodox Jewish community.

Director Keith Thomas on the film:

The Vigil is unique because being a horror movie – it has all the familiar elements of a horror movie genre – it also tells a human story through the prism of Jewish faith and mythology.

The director also notes the realistic depiction of the world of the Hasidic community:

For me, for the producers and for the main artist, it was very important to capture the real home of the Hasidim. Many small and authentic details will catch your eye. They correspond exactly to Brooklyn, where the filming took place, and to the world of Orthodox Jews in general.

The Vigil will be released in Russia on December 10 through the efforts of a distributor «Наше Кино».

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