Melodic, post hardcore/metalcore/punk rock band Sky Caught Fire from Canada released their new lyric video. Video made for the song “Redemption” from their last album “I – No Cure For Violence” (released on May 5, 2021).

Video made by Olga Kann Art/Design

Check out previous lyric video on the track “Spineless” (also from “I – No Cure For Violence”). Both videos premiered via HARDCORE WORLDWIDE youtube channel.

Video made by Olga Kann Art/Design

About Sky Caught Fire:

Started in 2020, as a collaboration featuring stalwarts and all-stars of the late 90’s/early 2000’s Rose City Hardcore Scene, Sky Caught Fire has been utilizing the technology to connect with each other as well as listeners. The band has released 3 singles, including Ghost in Me (mastered by Cancer Bats Scott Middleton), Dead Inside, and Redemption. With an 8-song album and a steady following, Sky Caught Fire is patiently awaiting the day that they can share their music live. Craig Laro, vocalist (American Hell, Rad Affair, A Day and a Deathwish), guitar & vocalist Steve Driscoll (Harder They Fall), guitarist Matt “Camel” Dolynsky (American Hell), Patrick Scodellaro (Black Majik), and Josh Learn (Street Pharmacy) have all come together with one vision: for our passion and honesty to be heard in our music. While this may seem cliché, the band certainly is anything but… Unabashed by the boundaries of the genre they have been described as (hardcore, post-hardcore punk), the Niagara-based quintet uses any and all influences that have shaped their individual sounds. Heavy, energetic, melodic, soothing, and abrupt describe the spectrum of sounds created from the minds of auditory perfectionists.  Familiar, unique, loud, gentle, Sky Caught Fire is a sonic Rorschach test. If you’ve managed to find them now, stick around for a while. They are limitless.


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