Shattered Hope - Vespers [2020] Band: Shattered Hope
Album: Vespers
Country: Greece
Genre: Atmospheric doom-death metal, Funeral


1. In Cold Blood
2. Verge
3. Συριγμός
4. Towards The Land Of Deception
5. The Judas Tree

Total time: 1:03:50

Release date: November 6, 2020
Label Solitude Productions
Promo: Jeremy Lewis

The Greek masters of atmospheric doom death metal Shattered Hope are aiming to surprise and conquer listeners once again with a new third full-length album to be released November 6. Entitled “Vespers”, the album brings additional colors to their already complex and dynamic palette in order to convey emotions from new angles and perspectives. It is a thought-provoking philosophical dialogue with eternity, expressed through deep texts hiding references to the classics, as well as through powerful and crushing music performed with impeccable skill and sincerity.

The album starts out livelier than originally expected. A dense wall of riffs bursts in uncompromisingly followed by a low growl. The oppressive atmosphere continues to evolve as the “In Cold Blood” progresses, acquiring funeral tints. At some point, you begin to smell the damp basement and the coldness of its walls.

A little bit later clean man vocals connect with extreme added to sound more atmosphere. On the “Verge” the clear vocals take on a special tragic tone. I like it, yes. After that a melodic solo, close to the classical school, is included in the work.

Our third album, is for sure the coldest shape of us. We are very pleased, or not, that we finally succeeded to capture our rotten feelings and broken minds in these 60 minutes of bizarre music. Looking forward to share every note of it with you all.

I liked the melancholic mood in Συριγμός”. The soft whispering of clean vocals, authentic Greek language and a growl breaking the measured narration look quite harmonious here. And individual fragments with monotonous muttering act like a mantra, for me at least.

“Towards The Land Of Deception” has probably the most memorable melody in the spirit of the best examples of death-doom.

Then comes the turn of the longest composition. Despite the impressive length of the songs, they do not seem to be overprotracted all. The Judas Tree” continues to carry us into the misty distances. Quite a touching song with soulful lyrics. However, the lyrics throughout the album are noteworthy.

Sound production is at a level where material sounds not too poppy, quite old school. A pretty solid album. Although, of course, you may need a certain attitude to listen to it if you are not a fan of the genre. “Vespers”, a lamenting march for unfulfilled hopes, is purely monolithic and integral, melodic and harsh, where you need it. I’m just crazy about the Greek extreme scene. And Shattered Hope is a worthy representative of this.

Shattered Hope band, Vespers

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reviewer: Olga Kann

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