Today, the portal is pleased to present the wonderful Atmospheric Doom Metal group from Brazil – Serpent Rise.

The band Serpent Rise began their musical activities in the first months of 1993, starting from the desire of Julio Wojciechowski and Agnaldo Gomes to create songs where the variations of textures, mixed with the atmosphere produced by the strings, the synthesizers, dense guitars and a lyrical content aiming at the elevation of being, guided the audience to a world of heavy feelings and closer to the reality lived by each soul imprisoned in this flesh. Throughout these years, the difficulties in maintaining a stable formation hindered the continuous progress of the band’s work, however, many concerts were performed and some musical records were released. Serpent Rise currently has a solid and balanced lineup, which has been working on new songs for their next album, which will surely bring a positive musical evolution to the band’s history.

Releases: Promo Tape – ”Misericordium” (1993), Demo Tape – “Anastenarides” (1994), Promo Tape – “Travellin’ free…” (1995), CD – “Gathered by… Kharma” (1998), CD – “Anastenarides”+”Travellin’ free…” (2005), EP – “Euphoric waves of melancholy” (2008), Doble CD – ”Gathered by…+Anastenarides” (2018).

Serpent Rise

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– Hello! Tell us about the idea of ​​creating a band. Why did you choose the genre doom metal?

– Agnaldo: Well, Julio and I have known each other since the 80’s and from then on we’ve been involved in some musical projects, and we used to be tape trades. In the early 90’s, I received a demo tape of Paradise Lost and it caught my attention, but it was in 1992 that I got a K7 with Cathedral‘s “Forest of Equilibrium” and that changed my life. Immediately I showed Julio and he felt the same will and need that I, that is, to put together a band that had that sonority, that tempo, that feeling… we created Serpent Rise.

Share your thoughts on how the genre is developing in the world and how exactly in South America. What are the difficulties and specifics of the work in Brazil?

– Julio: We have good bands of the style. When we started in 93, there was practically nothing, those that existed already appeared as great promises that came later as Paradise Lost, Anathema and My Dying Bride. The things haven’t chanched much, in the way that Metal bands who want to professionalise and live from their work in Brazil, it’s practically impossible, not only in relation to Doom Metal; bands as Sepultura and Krisiun had to be internationally recognized before its very sucess in Brazil. I consider the underground in Brazil hard and amateur, where praises everything that is done even if its bad; being original here was never the relevant factor but copy styles and trends, unfortnetly the underground here will never take up.

– Agnaldo: In addition to what Julio said, I think the economic, cultural and dimensional factors help make the metal scene in Brazil difficult and for many bands it is impossible to have the habit of touring in your own country. On the South American Doom Metal scene, I notice that the style has its representatives in all the countries but beyond Brazil there is a scene active in Chile and Peru.

– The band exists for a long time. At one point you even interrupted your activities for several years. Why?

– Julio: I think the previous answers fits perfectly here, adding the fact that has always been hard to find good musicians to play metal because, as  I said, its not something that will pay the bills in the end of the month. This scenario drains the energy needed to keep doing metal. Even myself had left the band for a while, which interrupted a new Serpent Rise album. for some time we had good formations, which gave us incredible shows, but this was always very hard, such that I was forced to compose myself and depend on the minor number of people to record, the problem appears live when we have to play the songs.

– Are there any musicians you want to collaborate with?

– Julio: Yes, certainly, in the field of possible our former keyboard player who helped me to compose Kharma, Rafael Pinheiro and now lives in Portugal. In the field of imaginary, I would like to collaborate with Trent Raznor of N.I.N. Or even an old friend with whom we shared the stage in ’94 at BHRIFF, Vincent Cavanagh, two great composers.

– Tell us what is your distribution of roles in the group. How does the process of writing music?

– Julio: At the moment, I do the harmonies, Agnaldo writes the lyrics and Luiz our drummer puts the rhythms, everyone colaborate with the whole.

– Agnaldo: and is now returning Eder (keyboardist) who recorded the album “Gathered by…” to compose with us the next album.

– Where do you get inspiration?

– Julio: I’ve always had a curious, disturbing and introspective personality, I think I end up turning it into notes and being grateful when it makes sense to me or our public.

– Agnaldo: from the abyssal depths of my sad soul that imprisoned in this flesh contemplates the walk of the human race that most resembles a burial where laments and pain prevail.

– For me, Brazil is primarily associated with a pompous carnival and football. And how do you feel about the sport? What teams do you support?

– Julio: Many things has changed but we’re still the carnival and football country. Footballwise I’m gremista since my birth.

–  Can you name your top favorite bands / albums? Which groups from your region would you recommend?

– Julio: Cathedral“Forest of Equilibrium”, Jane“Between Heaven and Hell”, King Crimson“Red”, Paradise Lost“Host”, The Cure“Pornography”, Diary of Dreams“End of Flowers”, NIN“With Teeth”, My Dying Bride “Turn Loose The Swans”, Napalm Death“Scum”, Godflesh“Streetcleaner”, and there it goes, there a lot of stuff as I listen many styles.

– Agnaldo: Black Sabbath “VOL.4”, Cathedral“Forest of Equlibrium”, Celtic Frost“To Mega Therion”, Shape of Despair – all and a lot of bands around the world .

Well, Brazil is a very large country with several states as well as Russia. We are located in the far south in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in a city called Santa Maria that is located geographically in the center of the state. Here’s a cool metal scene and I invite everyone to listen to Arkonnan (Symphonic melodic metal).

What are your future plans for the band? Can fans wait for a full-length album in the near future

– Julio: Yes, we’re alredy working on that.

– Agnaldo: Continue promoting the Serpent Rise‘s music all over the planet Earth… compose, record and release our second album… and tour Europe and of course play for Russia and Belarus.

– Our webzine is based in Russia / Belarus, have you heard anything about groups from these countries? Maybe there were plans to visit us with a concert?

– Julio: It would be a great honor for us to play in Russia, I follow some names from the Darkwave and Eletro Gothic scene from all over the world, including from Russia, that I listen to some compositions in these styles which are really impressive.

– Agnaldo: I know your scene is very active and the style has excellent representatives out there but now it comes to mind Comatose Vigil; Ankhagram and Who Dies in Siberian Slush.

– Thank You for your answers!


Interviewer: editor in chief

Состав Serpent Rise:

Agnaldo Gomes (vocal)
Júlio Wojciechowski (Guitar/Bass/Keyboards)
Luís Henrique (Drums)
Eder Machado (Keyboard)
Cristian Lovatto (Bass)



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