Third album by Scottish Atmospheric Black Metal project Ruadh was released via Northern Silence Productions on July 9, 2021. Work is named “Eternal” and included 5 tracks. Each song represents different points of the wheel of the year and one to tie it all together.

Album artwork made by Joan Llopis Doménech

Ruadh "Eternal"

Additional booklet art made by Olga Kann Art

The album was recorded and mixed at “Red Glen Studios” in Scotland by Tom Perrett, drums engineered by Phillip Morrison and performed by Mihai Puscasu, female vocals provided by Ceiti, backing vocals on “The Wheel” by Tom O’Dell, Bagpipes by Kevin Murphy, bass duties by Kim Copland, mastered by Addz ‘Vindicare’ Milner.

The music of the project mixes the assertiveness of black metal, the fury of the pagan spirit, seasoned with melodic and melancholic acoustic fragments. Likewise authentic folk arrangements in Celtic style and epic arrangements will appeal to fans of a wide variety of genres.

Listen to and support “Eternal” by Ruadh:


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