News and rumors around the upcoming Resident Evil 8 Village are filling the net with all their might. Among speculations and guesses there is also authoritative insider info from Dusk Golem. And fans of fourth part, like me, can rejoice. Further – spoilers may be contained. It is previously known that a cult will exist in the game, albeit without magical intervention. Local sectarians worship creatures created by the virus – this is because the virus in the air causes hallucinations. The player will be transported to a remote European village and to a mysterious castle. In this first person shooter a gamer can explore the caves and the forest – the eighth part will focus on outdoor locations. There will be more external locations than in any other Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 8 Village, VIIIlage, capcom

The main type of opponents are zombies and infected people, similar to Ganado from Resident Evil 4. Dogs, wolves and creatures also appear as the player progresses. In the castle zombies with edged weapons are also present. There will also be monsters like werewolves. They are called some of the ugliest and most frightening opponents in the entire series. Also the hero will meet Chris Redfield and Natalia Wesker.

Resident Evil 8 Village, VIIIlage

Resident Evil 7‘s Ethan Winters will be the central hero of Resident Evil 8, but there will be three playable characters in the new Capcom horror. This was previously told by insider Dusk Golem, who had previously announced the imminent official announcement of the game. At the beginning of the game there will be a rather large segment when Ethan has no weapons. A key role in the gameplay will play a flashlight.

Resident Evil 7
Resident Evil 7

The gameplay for each of the three characters is slightly different. At the same time, Dusk Golem clarified that in Resident Evil 8 there is only one common campaign. Based on past messages from Dusk Golem, the second playable character in Resident Evil 8 will be Chris Redfield, and the third, presumably, will be a girl named Emily, whom Ethan will meet in a mysterious village., a large German online video game retailer, has begun accepting pre-orders for the Resident Evil 8: Village horror for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. And began do it in May (!), however, people paid attention to it only in recent days. The store offers to buy the game for 59.99 euros, indicating in the description that gamers will find “the darkest and most brutal part of the Resident Evil series.”

Resident Evil 7, zombie, capcom

Recently, Dusk Golem announced its confidence that Resident Evil 8 will be presented at the presentation of the PlayStation 5. The event was supposed to take place on June 4, but was postponed due to mass protests in the United States. Sony promises to announce a new broadcast date in the near future.

According to rumors, Resident Evil 8 will be released from January to March 2021 on the platforms of the current and next generations.

Resident Evil 8 Village

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