Pantheon age of wolvesBand: Pantheon
Album: Age of Wolves
Country: USA
Genre: Black/Death/Thrash Metal


1. Serpent Death Cult (4:00)
2. Awakening the Gods (3:19)
3. Age of Wolves (3:52)
4. Lust of the Beast (4:20)
5. Left My Mark (4:13)
6. Presence of Dark (4:36)
7. Choir of Death (3:54)
8. Eclipse of the Worm Moon (4:25)
Bonus Tracks on Vinyl Only
9. Arcane Oath (7:14)
10. Hand of Doom (Black Sabbath cover) (7:02)

Total time: 47:01

Release date: May 27, 2021
Label: Necrotic Records (NA), Doc Records (EU), Old Shadow Records (SA)
Promo: Jon Asher AMR

Age of Wolves is an intricate merging of heavier, mid-paced poundage with the older, fast-paced death/thrash character. Its old school styles will feel familiar and nostalgic to veteran metal fans, but does it in such a way that it feels new and fresh.

For fans of Dissection, Carcass, At The Gates, Dying Fetus, Amon Amarth

Serpents death cult

Immediately what stands out here is the vocals are tight, really tight with no break up or strain, always a really positive thing. As a producer myself I feel the mix is lacking some depth, I think a better bass tone could be the key to this just to carry those guitars. It doesn’t deter from the quality of the song though, this feels older in a good way. It’s got a “Classic” feel to it which I like. Use of the Wah pedal enhances this a little with the solo. Minor riffs are nice as well they add a little bit of change to the feel of the record. Even in some parts with subtle keys it could be Enthroned Darkness Triumphant era Dimmu Borgir.

Awakening the gods

Start riff is very Death (the band) The Harmonies are really in keeping with that OSDM style which is nice AF (excuse the modern vernacular). Let’s take some time to highlight the drums here, they are not bad at all but I feel a bit dry perhaps, get some reverb on that snare even just some room sound in my opinion to really make the material pop. The main riff in the song is well done although not to my own tastes I can still appreciate it’s good song writing. This even feels a little bit like Early Morbid Angel to my ears.

Age of Wolves

Down tempo start riff with some keys could very well be Cradle of Filth back in the day, Nice open note arpeggio style as well. One thing Pantheon do well is they make what should be dated sound really quite authentic and that’s hard to do. Not breaking boundaries but it’s nicely done at the same time and that’s very much to it’s credit. The Enslaved style main riff here is nice as well. The ending lacks some power but I feel this is production letting it down a little bit, solo is nicely done though.

Left my Mark

Balls to the wall thrash style. Again I feel like this would have much more impact with slightly improved production. Just some beef missing for me. It’s very Vegan sounding (Lacks Meat). The riffs are interesting enough to keep my attention though which is always good.

Presence of dark

Skater punk? A wee bit actually. This band have an interesting blend going on but they pull it off effortlessly. Good strong riff, could even be ManOwaR or Bathory at a certain pace. This is real bang your head stuff, this band probably kill it live. This is the best song for me so far I think.

Choir of death

Cool cradle style riffs again, drawing from their well of influences I see. this album is a really good blend of black / death metal with some thrash for good measure. Songs are short though pretty much between 3/5 minute mark so it feels like you could be listening to an old thrash album which passes in the blind of an eye. Nice wee twin riff in this song too with some Slayer feel at the end.

Eclipse of the worm moon

The last song of the album, taking it down a little in tempo. Still sounds pretty Cradle of filth to me, if it had the OTT orchestral elements. This is not a bad album and it’s worth picking up for the riffs alone, I’m not sold on the production though, it’s far too dry sounding and the bass really lacks impact. Guitar tone is alright but not overly special the vocals are close to perfect for the style though. I would like to see where this band go in future I think if they fix the little things the future is bright, there’s always a market for this style in the metal community, it’s comfortable for most of us.

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Pantheon band

Album and Live Band Line Up:
B.J. Cook – Vocals, Lead Guitar
Buzzy Leistikow – Vocals, Guitar
Donnie Larkin – Drums
Jeremiah Baker – Bass

Reviewer: Tom Perrett

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