Aonarach – Scottish Pagan/Atmospheric black metal duo and brainchild of Tom Perrett, the man behind Scottish Atmopspheric black metal project Ruadh. Designed to be darker and colder than Ruadh, Aonarach boasts a more black metal outing. Viceral and unforgiving in parts but open and cold in others. Screaming vocals provided by Alex Vogel which are in line with more traditional black metal. Band name means Isolation or Loneliness.

A name that means Isolation was the perfect name for a project born of the current circumstances.

The debut full-length work “1” is out on January 29, 2021 on Northern Silence Productions. Olga Kann Art/Design worked on album design. Recorded and mixed at Red Glen Studios in Scotland, Mastered by Addz “Vindicare” Milner.


Cold and harsh in parts, open and expansive in others it is the perfect representation of Scottish sorrow and a pagan black metal album which should appeal to even the most ardent purist of the genre. FFO Emperor, Enslaved and some more modern acts like Forteresse.

Pre-order is available here:

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