Lichtblick is a depressive Black Metal band from upper Austria, formed in summer 2013 by Manuel (rhythm guitar) and Alex (vocals) as a two-man project. In the following years David (lead guitar) and Jan (drums) joined the band and completed the current live set-up.

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In 2015 they released their first EP “Feel free to lose your life” and their first full length studio album entitled “Phrenesis” came out in 2018.

The sound of Lichtblick is atmospheric, dark and depressive, especially the mournful vocals are an outstanding part of their music.

Lichtblick – Album “Phrenesis”

Interview with Lichtblick special for HomoFaber Zine

What inspires you when making music?

– Mostly we take inspiration from our personal experiences with life situations and how we coped with them. We try to involve personal issues, the bad and the good ones, in our music. We want to give strong emotions an embodiment through our work. Mainly we cope with our negative emotions and struggles. Our best inspiration is life itself. When we feel a certain mood and start playing music along to it, we can create something.

Why did you choose this particular genre for yourself?

– We chose this genre, because it is the most intense and emotional for us. Our music deals with life itself, it’s burdens, difficulties and what can happen when you lose control.

To us Depressive Black Metal is the purest form of emotional music, since it allows us to express ourselves in the form we mostly prefer and with the music we enjoy most. The combination of aggression and hate as well as the beauty of melancholy is very appealing to us here.

How has the situation changed for the band in connection with the global pandemic?

– Regarding our current line up luckily nothing has changed.

We had a European Tour planned for 2020, which was rescheduled to 2021 and now delayed again to 2022. Also, some other concerts and appearances at two festivals had to be rescheduled due to the pandemic.

We took the free time and concentrated on writing stuff for the new album and are pretty much done with the songs.

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Tell us about your project plans in the near future.

– We hope to hit the studio soon and record the new album. We are also in close contact with a few concert and festival promoters and organizers and we are already planning future shows with them. The first concerts should be possible around the end of 2021, so we hope.

For 2022 we are hoping for the European Tour to happen with Fen from England and Frostmoon Eclipse from Italy. In this we want to thank the great Tour Management from Immortal Frost Productions for all the hard work and for the unbending will to make the tour happen!

Could you tell us a little about the upcoming album? What are you focussing on in the work process on it?

– The last Album “Phrenesis” was focussing mostly on substance abuse and self-harm to escape reality and its burdens with the negative consequences related to it. The new Album deals with isolation and neglected, yet very strong feelings. We want to make a concept album again, so the songs will all have similar and related topics.

We write the guitar riffs/ideas first and the drums and lyrics are later added while jamming to them. Afterwards there is rescheduling and adding some finishing touches until we are satisfied with the result. Sometimes we change or dismiss songs as a whole, even after months of playing them live, because they don’t fit the direction we want our music to evolve into anymore.


Would you recommend some interesting underground projects from your country?

– Yes, sure. Not necessarily underground, but very nice to listen to, are Ellende, an already more known one-man band project and the already rather famous Harakiri for the Sky. We also highly recommend Gates of Sleep, an Atmospheric Black Metal Band with whom we had a concert in 2020. Regarding Depressive Black Metal there aren’t any more projects or bands in Austria, at least of what we know of…

Feel free to lose your life!

Lichtblick austria

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