This week I’ve received a message from my friend Bertrand. He wrote to invite me to visit him on Sunday because journalists from the TV channel France 2 would be there to report on him, the metal priest. We were also going to talk about metal music in general and our organisation called Metalphizik. To start this report, let’s take a look at who Bertrand is.

Bertrand is a close friend, an exceptional person. He is a true metalhead, a genuine fan of power metal, heavy metal and pagan folk metal. His favourite bands are Powerwolf, Ensiferum, Finntroll, Freedome Call, Rhapsody (he knows about Znich too!) and so on. He is part of the Metalphizik Association which I am part of with other friends. But Bertrand does not have a common profession for a fan of metal, he is a priest …. yes, you read well. He is currently a priest of the bishopric of Verdun (France).

Metal Priest Bertrand Monnier

That’s why so many journalists and just as many TV channels want to have him on one of their TV shows or radio programmes and dedicate articles to him in newspapers and magazines.

Metal Priest Bertrand Monnier

At the age of five Father Bertrand Monnier already knew that he wanted to be a priest. Listening to metal music goes perfectly well with his job. Bertrand Monnier is very actively involved in the metal music world. As stated previously, he is part of the Metalphizik Association and has helped organise concerts through Metalphizik and Mega Productions (among them are groups like Sister Sin, Infected Rain, Kalevala and many others). We even organised Black Metal concerts in the basement of his presbytery. Father Monnier is also active with Metalphizik in terms of organising conferences to explain metal music (as well as tattoo culture) to neophytes.

Метал-священник, Metal Priest Bertrand Monnier

Now that we know more about Father Monnier, let’s see how the day went. We arrived at 12.00 at the presbytery of Verdun. The journalists arrived a little later. Their team consisted of a journalist, a cameraman and a soundman. We gathered around the table after a welcome drink. The meal was a BBQ, just perfect for that hot Sunday in August, accompanied by wine and beer. It is definitely the best way to drift into a working afternoon.

Metal Priest Bertrand Monnier

Once the meal was finished, Bertrand, Xavier (president of Metalphizik) and I proceeded to the discussion of the plans for 2020 under the cameras of the journalists. After that they interviewed Xavier as the singer of the Avidya band. Then came the passage where Bertrand played video games with children, as a matter of fact, he is great at playing video games! The report ended with a few shots outside followed by a long interview with Bertrand.

Metal Priest Bertrand Monnier

As a result, we all have signed the production documents related to our image rights and exchanged contact information with the journalists. The journalists were leaving. We stayed with Bertrand for a little while, then it was our turn to leave. The report was not quite finished for Father Monnier because in a few days he had to go to Paris to shoot images on the set of a show.

Metal Priest Bertrand Monnier

We had a great time with Bertrand, our other friends and the team of journalists. The arrival of these journalists was an excellent excuse to visit Father Monnier. :) When I was writing this article, Bertrand was on a TV show in Paris for the interview. All my thoughts go to Bertrand, I am grateful to my friend for his unfailing friendship and for all he does for metal music in France. He is a rare person and a major character in the defense and understanding of metal music among the general public in addition to being a real fan. If only there were more “Bertrands” in the Metal world!

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Article, photos: Gregory Mega
Photos: Natallia Stankevich

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