Grimorte Esoteric Ascendance EP artBand: Grimorte
Album: Esoteric Ascendance (EP)
Country: United Kingdom (England)
Genre: Black/Doom Metal


1. The Procession (03:26)
2. Sequestrate (05:09)
3. Esoteric Ascendance (05:20)
4. Firvir (04:16)

Total time: 18:11

Release date: October 31, 2020

“Esoteric Ascendance” is the debut four track E.P narrative of a woman’s journey into being lulled into the esoteric pagan and Satanist practices of the golden dawn and her journey from innocence to possession, only then to find a reawakening into her self believed new demonic form.

The authors suggest that the material will appeal to fans of Cold World, Draconian, Saturnus, Alcest, Doom:VS, Conjurer, Triptykon, Rotting Christ. And also to everyone who is interested in occultism, satanic theme and Aleister Crowley. The style of Grimorte balances at the junction of doom metal and black metal, coming to dark metal with mystic atmosphere.

Grimorte are a two-piece project consisting of Kieran Scott of Ashen Crown on Vocals and Lewis Borthwick of Archierophant Instrumentation/production.

The album begins with a fairly calm “The Procession”, gradually accelerating to a more extreme “Firvir” with an impressive chorus. The authors were inspired by the old school, which is reflected both in compositional terms and in sound production. The sound harmoniously emphasizes the authenticity of the material and the bias towards the classics of genres.

Combination of eerie soundscapes, depressive melodism, occult lyrics and sensual extreme voice make this release a truly emotional and meaningful. A dark esoteric essence envelops while listening to each composition. And the only drawback of the presented work is that there is not enough continuation. 18 minutes of EP is not enough to plunge into the abyss of occult stories headlong. Therefore, we are definitely looking forward to the continuation.

In overall, this is very solid debut EP with great dark atmosphere similar to early Rotting Christ and Triptykon. It’s a little hard to pick a memorable song, though I would especially highlight the self titled track “Esoteric Ascendance”. For the lovers of slow atmospheric doom and blackened metal genres Grimorte is a really great choice.

Grimorte: Bandcamp | Facebook | Youtube | Spotify

reviewer: Olga Kann

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