The full-length “Memento Mori” of the Hungarian Atmospheric Black Metal project Frozen Wreath from Szombathely will be released via Filosofem Records on April 14th. This work will appeal to both atmosphere connoisseurs and fans of classic black metal riffs. 8 versatile compositions will take the listener to the world of lyrics inspired by the finality of human life.

Frozen Wreath, hungary, memento mori, filosofem records

Tracklist of “Memento Mori”:

01. Megsárgult fényképek / Yellowed Photographs
02. Halott ígéret / Dead Promise
03. Miért? / Why?
04. Ősz / Autumn
05. A kőszikla megmarad / The Rock Remains
06. Feltámadás / Resurrection
07. Memento Mori
08. Fagyott koszorú / Frozen Wreath

Cover art was made by Olga Kann Art

Frozen Wreath, memento mori, filosofem records, hungary

The album will premiere at Symphonic Black Metal Promotion Youtube Channel on 13th April.

Frozen Wreath memento mori filosofem records


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