Dux - Furor Et Fatum black metal review рецензияBand: Dux
Album: Furor Et Fatum
Country: France
Genre: Black Metal


1. Nectamen… Lugdunum Céleste (6:26)
2. J’entend Bêler (Fidèle Troupeau) (5:25)
3. Le Ciel est Vide (6:28)
4. L’Idole Déjeune… (2:08)
5. Exuvies (4:14)
6. Médée Trionphante (6:10)
7. Les Derniers Feux Du Monde (Prométhée Mourant) (8:14)
8. Along a gogolplex of shadows and stars part.1 : Sagittarius (6:10)

Total time:

Date release: February 28th, 2019
Label Asgard Hass
Promo: Gregory Mega

The French project with the proud Latin name Dux presented 8 weighty compositions on its third album, “Furor Et Fatum”, with good production and the atmosphere oriented to the old school of the genre. There was a place in the work for technical solos, catchy guitar moves, furious vocals, and even for bleating sheep.

Dux - Furor Et Fatum black metal review CD

The decent art and booklet design also add their points to the box of advantages of the release. You can see the painstaking work on the concept, visual design and sound production.

A separate point I want to praise the work of the drummer and bassist on the material both in terms of sound and in terms of parts.

Speaking directly of the material, there is nothing to complain about here either. If you are a connoisseur of high-quality black metal with a bias towards the old school, but with a relatively modern sound, then this must-have album is in your collection. Special revelations may not happen, but the main thing is different. “L’Idole Déjeune…” stands out curiously from the background of the entire album with an avant-garde mood, emotional vocals and keyboards.

I felt the dedication and emotional empathy of the story narrated throughout the game in each composition. We love the French black school for this. For the passion, authenticity and relevant experiments, developing for the genre in its new milestone.

There is not much information about the band on the network, despite 12 years of activity. From the interview (2016 y.) with the vocalist-bassist it is known that the collective began activity as his solo project. And over time, it grew into a full-fledged group.

Dux is an extension of my personality. This is the means by which I can express my darkest feelings. It is a kind of catharsis I suppose. I put most of my soul into it.

Dux - live, black metal France

The album reaches its peak, the apotheosis in the second half. And in its energetic toothbreaking, liveliness of guitar tremolo and aggression of vocals, coupled with the rhythm section really knocks out of the usual state. And the release is completed by a sudden melancholy instrumental composition with a bias in relaxing ambient not without disturbing notes.

I’ll highlight as my favorite songs of this album «Médée Triomphante» and «Les Derniers Feux Du Monde (Prométhée Mourante)».

Dux line-up

Glaurung Samildanac’h — Vocals, Bass
Rodion — Guitars
Doctor Wawa — Guitars
Anksudams — Drums

Dux: Facebook 

reviewer: chief editor Olga Kann


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