Dödsrit - Mortal CoilBand: Dödsrit
Album: Mortal Coil
Country: Sweden, Netherlands
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal


1. The Third Door (11:16)
2. Shallow Graves (07:21)
3. Mortal Coil (08:36)
4. Apathetic Tongues (09:34)

Total time: 36:47

Release date: May 28, 2021
Label: Wolves of Hades
Promo: Dead Mill Media

The band describe themself as “Dödsrit is a black metal and crust band from Sweden and Netherlands”

For fans of: Dissection, Vanum, Mgła, Martyrdöd, Wolfbrigade

“From the shadowy desolated woods of Borlänge, Sweden and the rusting urban lechery of Amsterdam, The Netherlands comes Dödsrit, a maelstrom of soul tearing blackness and cacophony.”

I can hear all of these things in the music. There’s an unmistakable Swedish feeling in the music but I can also hear the grit of the Netherlands.

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The Third Door

I wen’t into this album with no expectations at all, never heard this band before and it knocked me on my arse as we say in Scotland. Fast and melodic, this is how I like my black metal. It’s cold and dark, it’s sad but it’s beautiful and this is pretty much what I get from this album. I’m not an easy person to impress when it comes to music but this really knocked it out of the park for me. It also has elements of old school metal like Maiden in parts with the harmony work but then a little bit of hardcore grit, it’s a nice mix. 03:00 mins into the song it becomes a new beast as well and this is where the track really shines and is seriously special, the notes are perfect for this piece of music.

Shallow Graves

Again, really nice melodies and some seriously epic tonal qualities to this music. It seems impossible to passively listen to this, it’s so involved and that’s what stands out the most. I’m on listen number 3 at the moment and I just discovered this today to review it. Bass tone is really nice, drums sit beautifully in the mix, vocals are strange for the style but not to any detriment, in fact it’s fresh and I like it a lot. The half time early style Dimmu Borgir riff at the start of this song as well is excellent. The Iron maiden and classic metal influences are big here too. 04.00 into this song as well is where it becomes rather special, the slow riff which some real power, then it falls into an almost Bathory like feel for a few seconds. Seriously worth a listen for any metal fan.

A mortal Coil

Title tracks are are usually where the most effort is on display with most albums. This track is a kick in the face from the drums coming in, good strong playing, good pace and nice riffs. In parts this actually feels like Thy Primordial (If anyone remembers them). Strong vocal screams as well not typically black metal exclusively but working very well in the context of the song. And then another epic slow part, could be from my compatriots Saor actually. Tasty wee solo as well, some good tasteful wankery that we all love. But, there is even a little punk in this, some skater punk vibes going on in parts and it works. 05.55 though, this is fucking spectacular, this is why I love this genre, stuff like this it’s pure goosebumps. Those open notes, the sense that there is about the be an explosion of sound any second, a slow build with a snare roll and then we have one of the best pure riffs I’ve heard in ages. That punk beat really pops and the vocals which again feel almost in time with Bad Religion but as black metal (the phrasing is punk) is so well done, this song has everything.

Apathetic Tongues

The Finale of the album with a lot to live up to. Darker in tone right away. It’s an onslaught from the get go. And those trem riffs are beautifully done. Again this is the kind of black metal I love. So much raw power and emotion in this, there is a real sorrow in the composition as well which really comes across.

Then those Maiden style riffs come back in with a vengeance, who doesn’t love this stuff really, this is an easy album to love with all of this stuff going on. Still really sorrowful stuff but it’s also extremely epic in parts. 03.30 and the song dies for a few seconds to build into this amazing tom section, this is how to compose this style and like I said previously I am not easily impressed, I’m usually very critical of this style. Then we have a break which is almost like 28 days later theme, the constant note ringing away, feels apocalyptic to me, it feels hopeless, I can almost hear the air raid sirens in the distance. I have a feeling I’ll be buying this one for the collection as well it’s just a superb album.

Final thoughts on this album I’ve already covered to be fair. These are prime riffs, these really punch above the weight of the project and should catapult them into new heights, stunning stuff. Production is crisp and clear without being overdone, the vocals fizz in the mix with ferocity but not overpowering the mix, the drums are amazingly produced, enough snap, crackle and pop on the snare drum, depth to the toms and cymbals are not too horrible on the ears. It’s a must own for fans of the genre in my opinion.

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Dödsrit band

Reviewer: Tom Perrett

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