Not so often you will see at the box office Australian horror in its purest form. And even more so, horror anthologies, and even more – from female directors. Dark Whispers vol 1 (Темные шепоты. Часть 1) is just from this category. The project involved such directors as Megan RiakosAngie BlackJub ClercLucy GouldthorpeKatrina Irawati GrahamJanine HewittBriony KiddIsabel PeppardMarion PilowskyMadeleine PurdyKaitlin Tinker. On facebook page you can find out more about the involved participants.

Dark Whispers, Темные шепоты, horror

Narrative structure is not really original. But the stories themselves are.

The young woman inherits from her mother the mysterious Book of Dark Whispers, on the pages of which she gets acquainted with 10 terrible stories.

American viewers have already managed to evaluate the anthology as a whole positively at the last festival Cinequest.

Dark Whispers, Темные шепоты, хоррор-антологияWell, for now it remains only to wait until the project gets out of the festival format.

Dark Whispers, Темные шепоты, Австралия, хоррор

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