Bloody Sadism- Eloquent Atrocity (2019) Album reviewBand: Bloody Sadism
Album: Eloquent Atrocity
Country: Iran
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore


1. Intro (01:20)
2. Eloquent Atrocity (03:36)
3. Ecstasy (03:18)
4. Ravenous Whore (02:30)
5. Pregnant Cunt (02:23)
6. Sadomasochism (03:19)
7. Withered Vaginal (04:14)
8. Bipolar Disorder (03:43)
9. Lucid Dream (03:28)
10. Outro (Dead in Mind) (03:42)

Total time: 31:36

Release date: October 1st, 2019
Label: Base Record Production

Today in the center of my attention is the debut release of a one-man project from the Iranian capital – Tehran. Bloody Sadism was formed by multi-instrumentalist Pooyan Ahmadi in 2014. The lyrics of the project are dedicated to the themes traditional for the genre: sexual sadism, meat and blood, drugs and violence in general. And already when you look at the enticing horror cover, it becomes clear – there will be plenty of blood.

Pooyan Ahmadi Bloody Sadism-Eloquent Atrocity (2019) 1

The album was released on the Spanish label Base Record Production, which has many other cool releases. Who else but the Spaniards understand this topic well. “Eloquent Atrocity” is very bold and done in all the canons, with a variety of vocal techniques. There are no complaints about the sound or originality. This disc is holistic and worthy to hit the hands of collectors of the genre.

The 10-song album is replete with various samples – be it a phone call, the sounds of a gunfight, medical devices, breathing / heartbeat, obscurantism in the toilet room (seemingly), thunder, birdsong. Of course, I love such jewelry pieces, additional respect for it. This allows you to immerse yourself a little more in the atmosphere of presence. While listening to the outro you expect that in the midst of a measured calm narration at one of the moments the victim shall scream or the psychopathic maniac will remind of his presence. But, in fact, the victim was killed on the previous track and there is no one else who can scream. Therefore, we can only listen to the sounds of forest pacification, where, probably, the spirit of the whore Shiva found peace. Whether there are metaphorical religious references to this name in the song is not known for certain.

The most memorable tracks on the album for me are “Lucid Dream” and “Pregnant Cunt”.

A very brutal creation will appeal to connoisseurs of a technical and meaty sound without ethical prejudices. I’m listening for the 4th time. In general, it leaves a positive listening experience, painstaking work is visible.

Bloody Sadism: Bandcamp | Instagram | Facebook

reviewer: chief editor Olga Kann

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