Bestial Entity is a Greek black/death metal band formed in year 2018 by members of Black Winter, Enshrine & Temple Of Katharsis. Influenced by bands like Sarcofago, Blasphemy & Unholy Archangel.

The first release of the band is a EP named “Treason Of The Dead” came out via Fistbang Records in January 19 2021.

Interview with Bestial Entity special for HomoFaber Zine

– How would you describe your sound? And why did you choose this genre?

Our music is a discordance of ugliness, brutality and fiendish harshness. There is nothing pretty or affable in it and it and we will keep it that way because it came out naturally. We didn’t have any lengthy chats as to orientate in a specific genre. We are just fans first of all and that can be seen easily in the outcome.

– What inspires you when making music?

Anything ugly, demonic and perverted overall so you can imagine that the outside world provides plenty of these sources of inspiration. We honor obviously bands like Sarcofago, Vulcano, Sextrash, Blasphemy, Beherit, Mythos (to name a few) but horror movies and hentai are in the pool also hehe!

– Who usually writes the music/lyrics in your band?

Both members contribute to the creation of the music but the lyrics are written solely by Alcoholocausto.

– How does the process of writing music usually go?

Mainly we gather all the ideas we both have and then we start looking for the right combination which usually brings forth some extra riffs or parts. At the same time the skeleton of the vocal parts just pops out naturally and we move forward to the final structure of each song. The lyrics mostly are written in the end but during that process I already know the theme I will go about. It’s a form an evocation.

– Are you working on the new material already? Describe what it will be.

Yes, we have gathered most of the material we want for our first album and from its embryonic state I would say that you should expect no experimentations, no sweet or fluffy melodies, nothing “commercial”, just Raw Fiendish Perverted Bestiality!

– How has the situation changed for the band in connection with the global pandemic?

It is something that will leave a grave impact on mankind in many aspects and we are no exception to this even to a minor extend. The thing is though that we are stubborn bad asses motherfuckers as characters and we have spine and severity to stand against any imminent storm so probably that might be transferred to our music. Basically the album was inspired during the lockdown season so let see…

– Tell us about your project plans in the near future

Our goal is to complete the album till end of this year hopefully now that we got the good feedback from the “Treason Of The Dead” ep which gave us a nice kickstart but we do not put deadlines generally. If it’s not the thing we want we prefer the motto, delay to create than rush to produce.

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