Itchi – the master-spirits of objects, things, natural phenomena or certain places in the traditional folklore of the Yakuts. According to these beliefs, nature is alive, all its objects and phenomena have their own spirits of itchi. Film company Art Doydu (Арт Дойду) introduced a teaser of the mystical thriller “Spirit of Itchi” (“Иччи”) directed by Kostas Marsaan:

19th century. A big misfortune happened on the land of one wealthy family of Yakutia. People left this land in a rush and no one settled here for centuries… As time passed, fear was forgotten and farmers started settling here again. Ghosts were waiting in the wings. One night, events from the past began to mysteriously appear in the present, affecting the fate of one family.

ichchi, иччи, якутский триллер, Spirit of Itchi

Synopsis and the scene are at least intriguing. The beauty of the local regions can be appreciated not only by the trailer, but also in the video backstage:

Starring: Borislav StepanovMarina VasilievaIlya YakovlevMatryona KornilovaIlyana PavlovaDmitry Mikhailov. The premiere date is still unknown.

ichchi, иччи, якутский триллер, Spirit of Itchi

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