The upcoming release of one-man project Utburd will be released relatively soon. 9 songs are expected for almost an hour of total playing time with a mysterious evil doom / black metal atmosphere. Also, the material will become faster and more diverse with an emphasis on orchestration. Teasers for the new Utburd album are available in the video below:

A conceptually the new release of the project from Olenegorsk will highlight the theme of the discovery of Antarctica and mystical experiences. It will tell about the discovery of new lands and the first travels. Cold, blizzards, frost, storms and the loneliness of the polar night are the main emotions. In the narrative a listener will be able to catch a cross between “Gordon Pym” from Edgar Allan Poe and “At the Mountains of Madness” from Lovecraft.

Utbourd (or Myling – from the Swedes) in Scandinavian folklore is the bloodthirsty spirits of babies. Their parents abandoned them to die because they could not feed them. They were taken to the forest and left there. Utbourd builds up strength for a rather long time and then begins to attack lonely travelers and also pursues the family that left him to die. A white owl is one of the guises of the spirit. He was represented by the growth like a small house.

A terrible legend arose in the dark times for the Scandinavians, when many families who were not wealthy suffered from hunger and cold. For me the moral and meaning of this legend is that no matter how hard it is, you need to stick together and not look for easy ways that can later lead you to the grave.

[From the interview. Vitaly Goryunov, founder of Utburd]

We look forward to the upcoming work. You can read about the previous album in this review.

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Utburd - “The Horrors Untold”, тизеры нового альбома Utburd

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