“Busanhaeng” is hard to forget, especially if you’re a fan of the smart zombie story-movie. But even for a non-horror fan the film could also please its drama and plot development. The open ending needed a sequel anyway… and we’ll get it. “Bando” will be about:

A group of people survive, as much as possible, four years after the defeat of South Korea by a zombie virus. The main character, a soldier, Jeong Suk, was somehow miraculously avoided death and crossed the border of infected Korea. Now he has to return to his homeland to fulfill a deadly mission – and find out that there are still survivors on the peninsula.

Полуостров, поезд в пусан сиквел

The author of the first film Yeon Sang-ho became a director again. He acted as a screenwriter too (with Park Joo-seok).

сиквел поезд в пусан, полуостров, зомби

“Bando” will be released on August 12, 2020

By this time, maybe, and the coronavirus will calm down.

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