The sequel of “Train to Busan” filmed by the director of the original tape (Yong San-ho) got a full trailer. As you can see from the trailer the drama seems to be replacing real action and bloodshed. Synopsis of “Train to Busan 2: Peninsula”:

Four years after the outbreak of a terrible virus, the spread of which South Korea could not contain, what remains of the country is in blockade and hordes of zombies are walking around the peninsula. The former military will have to travel through a terrible world, where in addition to the threat the danger is posed by people who arrange cruel survival games.

Busan, Поезд в Пусан 2 Полуостров, зомби

 Train to Busan 2: Peninsula

Main cast: Kang Dong-won («1987»), Lee Jeong-hyeon (The Battleship Island), Lee Re (Hope). The author of the first film Yeon Sang-ho also did the script with Park Joo-seok.

We are waiting for the local premiere on August 20, 2020.

Busan, Поезд в Пусан 2 Полуостров, зомби

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