Italian Epic / Atmospheric Black band Emyn Muil have shared the news about their upcoming album. The new work was called “Afar Angathfark”, it included 9 compositions. “Afar Angathfark”, Emyn Muil’s third and most magnificent album to date, is inspired by the character of Fëanor and his war against Morgoth to claim back his Silmarils. A dark story of oaths and fratricide, and about an epic journey. Fans of bands like Summoning or Caladan Brood will find much to enjoy on this monumental release.

Afar Angathfark Emyn Muil

Emyn Muil – “Afar Angathfark”

1. Afar Angathfark
2. Halls of the Fallen (10:49)
3. Noldomire
4. Heading Eastward
5. Udun
6. Where the Light Drowns
7. Black Shining Crown
8. In Cold Domain
9. Arise in Gondolin

The album will be released on September 25 via Northern Silence Productions.

Preorder is available on Bandcamp


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